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The UPSC Exams are a far cry from your regular school and college exams. And everyone knows that its syllabus is like an ocean – vast, in-depth, and strenuous. For most aspirants, studying the entire syllabus within the available time frame itself is a huge hurdle.

There is only one way to prepare for the UPSC exams- to study regularly, repeatedly, and consistently with the same enthusiasm. It also requires one more aspect – high concentration prowess, without which all your efforts will be futile.

UPSC Exams Require Extra Focus. Why?

Vivekananda rightly said, ” Concentration is the essence of all knowledge; nothing can be done without it.” The quote stands true for UPSC exam preparations. The formula for success in the UPSC comprises four aspects- hard work, patience, confidence, and concentration. Focus is instrumental for time management skills, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. It streamlines your UPSC goals and powers your vision to achieve your objectives.

To prove the same, scientific research claims that our mind perfects what it practices the most, be it good or bad. When it comes to UPSC exams, learning without concentration is not a smart way to achieve success. Better focus helps you to:

  • Understand multiple concepts in a limited time
  • Improve your memory retaining skills
  • Enable higher memory recall
  • Improve your efficiency and confidence

We will further list seven effective techniques to help you stay focused in your UPSC exam preparations.

Easy And Effective Tips To Enhance Your Concentration Power

Our techniques to improve your concentration are result-oriented, practical, and easy to do. They are a healthy mix of physical, mental, and scholarly practices. We recommend you apply them in your everyday study routine.

1.Create an ideal environment

The perfect study spot differs for every aspirant. The ideal study environment is the one that allows you to stay focused without any distractions. We recommend a good, peaceful environment without any external noise. Adequate lighting, proper ventilation, and an ambient temperature is a must. Find your ideal study spot and stick to it.

2. Care for your mental and physical health

Nothing is possible without sound mental and physical fitness. Both health aspects need to work in perfect synchronisation for you to focus on nothing but your exams. Follow any fitness regimen that energises your mind and body to tackle the syllabus. Allot some time for yoga, stretching exercises, and meditation. Additionally, follow a simple, nutritious, and timely meal schedule. Include nuts, seeds, and other food items that will help boost your memory power.

3. Practice the art of self-discipline

Concentration is all about unwavering commitment and dedication to your goal- which in this case, is your success in the UPSC exam. Stay focused on this goal, rather than giving in to your distractions like TV, social media, movies, chats, and messages.

Self-discipline helps you control your bad habits and addictions that can cost you precious time and energy. Avoid all major distractions, turn off your electronic devices, and train your focus towards your UPSC objectives.

4. Prioritise your UPSC subjects

Experts at Chinmaya IAS coaching centre in Chennai recommend starting with the toughest subjects as they will demand most of your time and effort. Take up simpler topics only after studying the tough ones. Create a study schedule that works in tandem with your daily schedule. Allot the best hours of your day to study challenging topics. It will help you concentrate, retain, and recall even the toughest portions with ease.

5. Practice the art of active learning

Active learning is the ability to use your newly-gained information wherever and whenever possible. Practical application of your knowledge with real-life events will help you understand the concept and retain it in your memory. Try to differentiate the new information from the existing information. Another way to implement active learning is to rephrase what you’ve learned in your own words.

6. Stay motivated to study

Your UPSC goals should be your daily source of inspiration and motivation. The UPSC journey is not an easy one. There will be times when you are physically and mentally stressed. Do not let these temporary frustrations get the better of you. Fuel your internal motivation to keep yourself primed to chase your goals.

7. Get adequate rest and sleep

Your sleep time is as important as your study time. You require at least six to seven hours of undisturbed, peaceful sleep to energies your mind and body for another gruelling day. Lack of proper rest can be detrimental to your physical and mental wellness. It can derail your focus and, thereby, your entire study process. Hence, prioritise your sleep schedule and diligently follow it.

Summing It Up

Babe Didrikson Zacharias, the American athlete, said, ” The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration, then more practice and concentration.” This formula also applies to your UPSC preparations. You may face many hurdles, but you must rise and shine every time you fall. At Chinmaya Academy of Civil Services, we are forever ready to help and guide you with your exam preparations. If you are ever in need of guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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