Union Public Service Examinations are conducted across the country where in a wide range of candidates register to secure government and public service jobs. The IAS examinations are the most sort after exams for candidates aspiring to become district collectors and officers. When you are thoroughly aware of the UPSC Syllabus for the IAS examinations and when you have studied them in and out, you are sure to crack these examinations with higher grade points. Geting proper IAS coaching in Chennai is essential to understand the procedures for these exams and train them to crack the exams easily.

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The IAS examinations are conducted in three phases:
Phase 1:
Phase 1 involves in checking the aptitude of the candidates registered. Civil Service Aptitude Test commonly called the CSAT is the preliminary examination which serves to be a gateway for the proceeding exams. They mostly comprise of analytical and logical reasoning questions. Candidates will have to answer two papers each having 200 objective type questions which should be answered within two hours. These exams include negative markings for every wrongly attempted question. These exams are just a screening test and they just help you promote to the consecutive levels and the marks obtained in the CSAT exams will not be considered during the final evaluation. The syllabus for paper 1 include current affairs, history, geography, general science, Indian administration and polity and social and economic developments. The syllabus for paper 2 comprises of aptitude, literary and comprehensive skills. Click here to view mock question papers and worksheets of modules relative to these exams for better practice and experience. The UPSC syllabus remains the same across the country.

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Phase 2:
Phase 2 comprises of the main examinations. These exams test the candidates deeply on their intellectual and academic efficiencies. Many renowned institutes provide the best IAS coaching which help out candidates to face these examinations with at most confidence. These institutes distribute a detailed framework of the entire UPSC syllabus which guides the candidates during their preparations. Main examinations include 9 papers in which the candidates will have to pass 2 papers of 300 marks each to qualify to the next level. These 2 qualifying papers test the candidates in their linguistic skills where the first one will be on any Indian language and the second paper will be on English. The third paper includes answering questions which require essay type detailed answers. The fourth and fifth paper is the general studies paper 1 and 2 which concentrate mainly on Indian culture and heritage, history and geography, Indian polity and administration, international relations and social justice. The sixth paper is the general studies paper 3 which focuses on technology, environment, economic development and disaster management. The seventh paper is the general studies paper 4 which focuses on integrity and ethics. The other two papers comprise of syllabus in which the subjects can be chosen according to your priorities and choices. The last paper grants various choices like animal husbandry, civil engineering, botany, commerce, electrical engineering, Indian history, geography, management, mechanical engineering, political science, medical science, public administration, statistics, anthropology, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and other Indian languages as well. Chinmayaias.com will help candidates in selecting the subject depending on their efficiency and ability. The candidates can select the subjects they prefer and choose subjects which they feel are easy and comfortable for them. Candidates can also opt for literature if they do not own a degree in that.

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Phase 3:
This phase marks the candidates on a total of two hundred and seventy five marks. The UPSC syllabus covers almost all important matters and trains you completely in facing any interview. The final phase includes personal interviews and personality testing of the candidates selected from the previous levels. It does not comprise of any written tests and it is completely vocal. The selected candidates are also allowed to select the language which is convenient for them as their medium of communication during the interview.

Preparing for the UPSC syllabus the right way

With prior preparations, every aspiring candidate can easily pass the UPSC exams with high marks. With good grade points, they are sure to get placed in any government office holding high designations.