Civil Service Coaching Centres helps students to focus on the right strategies

As every IAS aspirant knows, the Indian Administrative Service examinations are considered to be a hard nut to crack. However, if you get the right guidance, you can adopt a strategy that will ensure your success in acing the IAS examination. The toppers of the UPSC examinations in Chennai recommend joining a government IAS academy to get proper guidance in formulating a winning strategy.  The first step is ensuring that you have enough time to cover all the topics according to the syllabus for the examination. In most cases, a year is deemed to be enough time to master all the topics.  So if you are planning to write the preliminary exam in the coming, now is the time to start preparing.

Since the civils services examination syllabus includes topics from grade 6th onwards, you can also start preparing when you are in the school itself. In fact, there are several training programs that are focused on helping school students get an early start in acing the IAS examinations. Since long term approaches are more favourable than short term approaches, it is necessary to give yourself the necessary time to master all the topics on the syllabus.

Tips From Trainers At The Top IAS Academy In Chennai

Since preparing for the IAS examinations require you to accumulate a lot of information, the first tips offered by every IAS trainer is to read, read, and keep reading. IAS aspirants are expected to have a good grasp of all the subjects taught from grade 6th to 12th. So you can start reading your old textbooks as soon as you make up your mind to attempt the IAS examination any time soon.

Top IAS training centre trainers also advise future IAS aspirants to inoculate a habit of reading newspapers every single day. This key skill will prove very beneficial in clearing the interview round in the IAS selection. Most of the candidates read “The Hindu “newspaper as it covers all the important topics in an articulate form, helping candidates improve their language skills at the same time.

UPSC Examination Structure Simulation At Civil Service Coaching Center Chennai

Every IAS training academy needs to offer students enough exposure to attempting examination similar to the IAS exams to make sure that they are ready for the real thing. This is usually done by holding mock tests regularly for a fixed time. This enables candidates to get used to answering questions under pressure and not lose focus easily as well .  Many institutes in Chennai use previous question papers during these mock sessions, helping students to get acquainted with the different types of questions that might appear for the upcoming IAS examination.

Civil service Coaching Centre in ChennaiThe IAS examination requires the candidates to be well versed in current affairs and issues. This is why coaching centers encourage students to read the newspaper daily. Their knowledge in current affairs is often tested with up to date question and answer sessions.  As a result of NCERT textbooks being a critical part of the UPSC syllabus, trainers at the top civil service coaching institutes make sure that students from different backgrounds become well versed with topics from the remaining subjects as well. For example, a science student is quizzed on topics from humanities, economics and vice versa. This helps students from different backgrounds master every topic and appear for the examination confidently.

Books Recommended By All India Civil Service Coaching Centre In Chennai

As it is essential for IAS aspirants to be informed about topics of varying disciplines, reading is an excellent way of picking up new information and retaining the information as well.  This is why the some of the top  IAS Coaching academies encourage their students to read different books based on the past, the present and the future of the country. It enables the IAS aspirants to get a better perspective while framing their answers during the examination. Some of the recommended books for IAS aspirants include:

“India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium” by APJ Abdul Kalam

“Imagining India” by Nandan Nilekani

“India After Gandhi” by R.Guha

“Pax Indica” by Shashi Tharoor

You can also subscribe to different magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra for a more in depth reading experience. After all, reading is a great way to exercise your brain in a pleasant way.