Four smiling IAS aspirants showing thumbs up gestureUPSC CSE exam aka IAS exam is conducted every year. It is touted to be one of the toughest exams in the country. In order to crack this exam, you should be thoroughly prepared and have a strong determination. It is conducted once in every year and a huge number of aspirants appear for this exam. The reason is that it provides an immense satisfaction as they get to service the country and work for its welfare though it is challenging. While many people take it up, hardly a few will be able to clear the exam in the first attempt. And, it is important to choose the right IAS coaching institute in Chennai for best results.

When it comes to clearing the IAS exam in the first attempt, it is not an impossible one. There are candidates who have done it in the past. There are many toppers as well. So, you can take inspiration from such successful officers and get tips to clear the CSE exam in the first attempt. Remember that the best IAS coaching institute in Chennai will provide you with the necessary tips for the same.

IAS coaching institute in Chennai will help you plan a strategy

When you make up your mind to crack the IAS exam in the first attempt, you need to have a proper plan and strategy. Well, the right approach is important to solve the exam in the first attempt. When you do so, it will add a great value to the growth of your career. Also, it will save a lot of your money, efforts and time. Do keep in mind that one of the best IAS coaching institute in Chennai will be able to help you with the right plan and strategy to crack the UPSC CSE exam in the very first attempt.

It is important to understand the basics of the exam. You will be instructed by the trainers at the IAS coaching institute in Chennai to give a thorough reading of the NCERT text books starting from 6th grade. This way, you will be ahead of the others as you can take the NCERTs lightly. Especially, it is recommended if you are in the final year of graduation. Moreover, the NCERTs preparation will help you clear the Prelims exam as it heavily relies on the same.

IAS coaching institute in Chennai will guide you in selecting optional

Do keep in mind that one of the important steps when it comes to clearing the IAS coaching institute in Chennai in the first attempt is to properly choose the optional. You should decide the optional subject that you want to take up before you begin the preparations. This decision should be made after considering the following aspects,

  • poster of civil services exam 2017 with students posing with bags and booksEasy to study subject
  • High scoring potential
  • Length of the syllabus
  • Minimum resources that are needed
  • Competition
  • Time taken to complete the subject
  • Availability of coaching

Before you choose the optional subject, do keep in mind that there are better coaching facilities and the subject doesn’t take a long time to complete. Only then, you will be able to witness success in the same. This is where the IAS coaching institute in Chennai staff will be able to guide you in choosing the right optional for better prospects.

Practice is the key focus of IAS coaching institute in Chennai

The experts at the IAS coaching institute in Chennai will help you understand that minimalism is the best approach to be confident as you appear for the IAS exam. You should do smart work instead of going through piles of books and coaching materials. Do keep in mind that having many books and materials to prepare for the IAS exam will result in knowledge fatigue.

Referring multiple sources will clog your mind with unwanted information and it will become tough when you attend the exam. Note that it is always good to have a small resource of study materials and prepare your own notes. While preparing notes, your brain will focus on the details, which will increase the possibilities of your success in the first attempt. Also, you should take up mock tests frequently as these will give you an idea of how the exam might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any open examination wherein the subject-wise/paper-wise marks are not accessible or available?

Yes, in the UPSC Preliminary (Civil Services) examination, the subject-wise/paper wise marks are not accessible or available to the candidate. This is because the Preliminary examination (Civil Services) is purely a shortlist/elimination exercise to select the candidates for the Mains examination. The marks obtained in the examination by the candidate are not communicated to the candidates. However, an individual candidate who is desirous of knowing his/her marks can seek information from the Commission according to RTI Act 2005. By getting to know the individual marks, serious candidates can get an insight into their performance in the UPSC CSE examination.

Is it true that the IAS examination is only for the strong-hearted candidates?

Well, this is just a misconception related to the IAS examination. Don’t worry even if you are not strong and faint-hearted. Don’t waste time, prepare from now onwards. The competition will be very tough. Start to prepare for the UPSC Prelims with great confidence and will-power. Ideally, 12-18 months is sufficient for the preparation of the Civil Services Exam. It is better to join any institute, private coaching center or civil aspirant group for your support. You can also have guidance from quality video lectures and mock tests. Start with NCERT books and follow good websites like Roman Saini’s sir and IASbaba videos on YouTube.

Can a candidate write the answers in different languages in different papers of Mains examination?

No, UPSC does not allow the candidate to write the answers in two different languages in Mains examination. You have to mention your language initially in the eighth schedule. Only then, the candidate can write the answers in English or any one of the languages mentioned before in the application form. The candidate should select the language based on their comfort zone. The candidate must have very good command on the selected language either Hindi or English as merit is depended on written examination. So, if a candidate prefers any regional language, then it is important to stick to the same for all papers.

After the written examination of UPSC, what is the criterion for evaluation of the answer books?

After the UPSC written examination, all the answer books are collected from the various examination centers and taken to the UPSC office in New Delhi. The evaluation of answer books is not done based on roll numbers or examination centers. At the UPSC office, the answer books are mixed and reshuffled before the evaluation. Later, a computer-based fictitious code number generated randomly is allotted to each answer book. Only after this process, the answer books are sent for evaluation to the examiners. The board has strict rules set for the evaluation of the UPSC answer books.

Is a candidate with a foreign degree qualified for UPSC examination?

Yes, the candidate’s graduation degree is valid for the UPSC exam, but you need to apply for an equivalent certificate from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). When you get your graduation degree from the US or any foreign country, get a photocopy of the US/foreign degree attested by the High Commission of India of that particular country. Send photocopies of degree, transcripts, matriculation and 10+2 certificates to the Foreign Degrees Evaluation Section at the AIU. Within a week, you will be receiving an equivalence certificate from AIU.