IAS Academies offer valuable advice to the students

appearing for Civil Service Examinations

The Civil Services Examinations or better known as the IAS exams are considered to be one of the toughest exams to crack in India. It is held by the UPSC or the Union Public Service Commission every year to give thousands of people across the country to enter the civil services vacancies across the country. Although it might seem like a tough nut to crack, with the right strategy and approach, anyone can ace these exams on their very first try. However, before you jump into the foray of students attempting the examination, it is essential that you are aware of the different requirements of the examination like syllabus, exam pattern, application details, and eligibility criteria and so on. There are several IAS coaching centres in chennai which can guide you through the arduous process of training for the IAS exams.

Students attend the coaching for civil service examinationBy attempting the UPSC exams, the candidates get a chance to try their luck in joining the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, or Indian Revenue Service and several other similar services. The exam dates are often announced a year earlier to give the candidates more than enough time to plan out their preparation tactics. Since the number of vacancies changes each year, it is usually published along with the UPSC exam notification to offer the candidates more information while going about their preparation. The notifications usually come out in the month of February or March, following which the IAS Prelims examination is held during the month of June or August. This leads to the Mains examination which is usually held in December. The Personality test usually takes place during March, April or May of the following year and the final result is announced during the month of June or July. As explained earlier, the whole process takes up to a whole year, giving the candidates time to tackle each step one by one.

Advantages of Joining An IAS Training Centre

Since the IAS exams held by the UPSC are considered to be difficult to crack, many toppers and educational experts advice joining a civil service coaching centre to give you an advantage over the other thousands of candidates who will be applying for the examination just like you.

The first stage in the IAS examination is the Preliminary Examination. It is often referred to as a screening test and is used to weed out the prepared candidates from the unprepared ones. It is essential that you land in the former category in order to move ahead in your plan to crack the IAS exams. The Preliminary Examination consists of 2 papers consisting of multiple choice questions. Since there is negative marking for these questions, it is essential to e babel to answer them accurately to avoid losing marks unnecessarily.

Attending classes at a training centre during your preparations will help you get more exposure to the different kinds of questions that are generally asked during the Preliminary examinations. With thousands of candidates attempting the examination every year, it is critical that you use every advantage you get to make sure that you cross the Prelims to make it to the next stage of the IAS exams. The top training centres often help their students with plenty of tips and tricks that will enable them to use the examination time beneficially to answer all the questions as accurately as possible.

How To Pick The Best IAS Academy In Chennai

While attempting to crack the IAS examination, it is essential to pick out the best training centre in Chennai to give you a fighting chance of acing the examination. It is essential that you look at the credentials of the institute and talk to their faculty before joining their facility. It is important to remember that the faculty of the centre play an important role in helping candidates prepare for one of the biggest examinations in their life.

Advantages Of Joining Civil Service Coaching In Chennai

The job security offered by a government job is still considered to be one of the main reasons why many candidates attempt to crack the IAS examination. IAS offers people from every kind of background an equal fighting chance to get the highest government job based on their performance during the examinations. This is why it comes as no surprise that lakhs of people try their hand at the IAS examination every single year. So this is why is critical that you join a civil coaching centre as soon as possible to get ahead of the other candidates.